Although the goal was not to make roofs, pagodas, beehives or whatever. From 1990 on I started making a lot of works that looked alike. The goal was rather to express a feeling of preservation and a slow motion from earth to sky. Getting the sky without losing the earth.


/Posted by: Marc de roover


Spheres are the first shape I used in my environmental work, forms mostly covered with a layer of “peat-dust”. A sphere is simultaniously organic and geometrical. Earth. Peat has spent a long time being...
/Posted by: Marc de roover


Spiralwise screw-forms, horizontal or vertical, suggest a lively never ending movement, it is like life itself, like the growth of nature. Even more important than the visible shell-like, rotating surfaces is the invisible...
/Posted by: Marc de roover


Up and down, left and right following a repetitive and rhythmical motion in time. Sound and musik are made of waves, light also. Water is often moves in waves, coming and going, never ending....

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